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Restaurant Cigarette Bins

Restaurant Smoking Bins are an essential facility for Restaurant Smokers Theres no denying that public smoking is on the decline, even outdoors. However, as a Restaurant owner you will want to provide facilties for all of your customers, not just the non smokers. Providing Cigarette Bins for your restaurant in a convenient area is essential for the wellbeing of both your smoking and non smoking customers. Smokers will have somewhere to go should they require, and the restaurant non smokers are happy as there is less cigarette litter around your premises. Cigarette Bins provide a convenient and litterproof area for Restaurants You will know that the Smoking ban came into effect in July 2007. Of course, many Restaurants had designated no smoking areas before that, but the ban ensured that no customer, patron or staff of the Restaurant was permitted to smoke in any area inside the building. As a consequence, exterior areas have to be set aside to cater for those still wishing to smoke, and if not smokers tended to congregate outside the front door of the resturant, creating a bad image for non smokers and risking custom. Adding Cigarette Bins (and also a shelter from our range of (restaurant smoking shelters) you are providing a litterfree environment for all customers.

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