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Restaurant Smoking Bins

Smoking Bins for Restaurants are now an essential item for all restaurants Despite a nationwide smoking ban, many people who go to restaurants still like to smoke, and as a restaurant owner or manager you are obliged to designate specific smoke areas for them. This cuts down on smoking litter, gives a clear indicator of where to smoke, and keeps smokers and non cmoking customers happy. The smokers have somewhere to go, and the non smokers see less litter around the restaurant premises. When coupled with a restaurant smoking shelter you also give good weather protection. Restaurant Smoking Bins cut down on litter and create a targeted smoking area With the addition of smoking bins outside your premises, not only are you cutting down on litter, but you are displaying a clear designated smoking area for smokers to congregate, further cutting down on litter reduction and ensuring your restaurant is as friendly as it can be for both smokers and non smokers.

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